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Nos Histoires de L'Ile (Our Stories of the Island) is not only the title of our book, but also the organization that has been created by current and former residents of French Island to preserve the unique story of our French community. In the process of writing this book we collected over 1000 photographs of people and places of French Island. Many were taken in the 1880's. The older ones are from tin type photographs, but most were taken with a box cameras. The quality of some may be poor and out of focus, but we felt they were worth including in this rare collection.

Board of Directors
Albert Michaud, Harold Lacadie, Connie St. Louis, Benoit Bouchard, Cecile Pietrowski

Officers of Corporation
Albert Michaud and Harold Lacadie (Co. Presidents), Amy Morin (Secretary), Linda Beaulieu (Treasurer)

Founding Members
James Bishop, Benoit Bouchard, Reta Graham, Harold Lacadie, Albert Michard, Albert Morin, Amy Morin, Bernice Morin, Carol Nichols, Cecile Pietrowski, Adeline St. Louis, Genie Wollstadt


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